Cycling with children

UK overland to Finland with kids

Our summer adventure this year was built around a necessary work conference in Helsinki. Should we fly? Would it be fun to go from the UK overland to Finland and reduce our carbon footprint? Could the tricky logistics of putting bikes on trains be worth it? After weeks of researching, we decided to go for it. Use the links below to discover how we used ferry, train and bikes to transport us, our kids and camping gear from the UK overland to Finland through the Netherlands and Germany.

It was certainly the right decision. We all loved it. The journey was an adventure and we got to experience three different countries and how they relate to each other geographically and culturally. We enjoyed camping, swimming, hiking, canoeing, museums, city sightseeing and having lots of time together as a family.

A week before the conference began, we set off to cycle the two miles downhill from home to Sheffield station. Once there, we piled our four bikes, twelve panniers, trailer and ninety litre kit bag onto an accommodating Northern train and we were on our way to Hull. The journey overall included 13 trains, 5 ferries and about 60km of cycling with all the gear. We were out of the UK for nearly 5 weeks and took the following route:
Hull to Europoort by P&O ferry;
Europoort to Den Haag by bicycle;
Den Haag to Lübeck by train;
Lübeck to Travemünde by passenger ferry;
Travemünde to Helsinki by Finnlines ferry.

Read more about our trip over at CyclingUK.

Jem and Louise

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