Pride of Hull at Rotterdam

It is easy for cyclists on the Hull – Netherlands ferry. Even small cyclists can reach, board and travel on the P&O ferry from Hull to the Netherlands with little difficulty. It suits us all. We can roam around the ship, eat food, sleep, play and still be on our way. There’s plenty of space for bikes on the car deck and we get a night’s accommodation. It’s an easy, flat, mostly traffic-free, four mile cycle to the P&O ferry from Hull train station.

Cyclists on the Hull – Netherlands ferry check-in with the cars before boarding the P&O ferry to Europoort. However, the staff are very attentive to ensure cyclists’ safety, ushering us to use a lane not in use by motor vehicles and ensuring we get quickly to the front of the queue so we are not stuck breathing in lots of engine fumes.

The cabins are clean and comfortable. A four person cabin has two sets of bunk beds and you can get extra safety guards for the children if they want to sleep up top. I would recommend under-fives sleep underneath. One of the beds flips into a sofa by day and the top bunks are flush against the wall to create more space. The showers are hot and powerful. Plugs are European. 

Cyclists on the Hull - Netherlands ferry relax in their cabin. A shot from a previous trip in 2017: the sofa flips into a bed and there's a fold-down bunk above.

The children’s play area seems rather sparse to me; a padded area which used to contain a ball pool and now has oversized padded building blocks. The children, however, loved it this year, aged six and eight, as they have done for the previous two summers, begging to go back.


  • Unless you are a solo traveller, book online as foot passengers to get the best deals and then phone up to add your bikes to the booking. Their online booking engine only lets you add one bicycle per booking.
  • A cabin with a window is only about £10 extra and definitely worth it for the natural light.
  • Take a picnic; food on-board is not the best value for money.
  • Pack an overnight pannier (or two) with essentials for on-board. As cyclists on the Hull – Netherlands ferry most of your panniers will be fine left on the bikes, but you can’t return to them during the crossing. The children have cloth bags in their handlebar bags with essential cuddly toys and Lego which are readily available to grab on such occasions.  

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