Cycling with children

Can travel as a family be eco-friendly?

We’re just back from our latest journeying; this time from the UK to Finland and back, using boats and trains and carrying our load by bicycles.

This shot, taken at Travemünde tells some of the story; us with our hi-viz vests waiting to board the car deck at dusk, with bicycles; but the smoke coming from the funnels tells that most travel makes a carbon footprint too.

We know every time we travel energy is involved—some energy use leaves a bigger mark than other—so we recognise we do not always tread as lightly on the earth, or sea(!), as we desire, but we are always looking to count the cost and see how we can make our journey more ecologically mindful.

Purity isn’t something we’re seeking to achieve, but some honesty about the choices we make is central to us and we’ve decided in launching this blog that we believe our thinking carefully about all the compromises is something we want to share and we hope you’ll enjoy engaging with.

Jem and Louise

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