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Kit Review: Nigor lightweight table and chairs

Lightweight camping offers freedom. We enjoy having a minimal amount of stuff. When alongside car and van campers, we don’t usually look at other people’s set-ups and their comfortable kit longingly—except perhaps when it comes to a table and chairs. After years of spreading a groundsheet on the floor for all our camping meals, we …

Enjoying the view on the Longdendale Trail on the Trans Pennine Trail with our kids
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Trans Pennine Trail with our kids: Liverpool to Sheffield

Hoping to inspire the whole family about what was possible to achieve on a bike, we purchased a Sustrans map of all the bike routes in the UK and pinned it up on the kitchen wall. Soon after, we planned a route along the Trans Pennine Trail with our kids. Three weeks later we were …

On the bike path to Berwick-Upon-Tweed
Cycling with children

How do you carry your baby or toddler on a bicycle?

Many cyclists, after becoming parents, put their bicycles to one side only rediscovering them, dusty and rusted, years later. As we prepared for the birth of our first child we were determined to continue our car-free lifestyle so we set out to discover the best ways to carry a baby or toddler on a bicycle. …

Waiting for the ferry at Largs
Cycling with children

Isle of Cumbrae with kids on bikes

Cycling round an entire island within a day certainly feels like a worthwhile activity for both children and adults. How achievable this is, depends on the island in question! A day out on the Isle of Cumbrae —oft called ‘The Cycling Island’ offers a satisfying ten mile ride around the circumference of the island with …

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Trans Pennine Trail with our kids: Penistone to Hull

After the success of our trip along the portion of the Trans Pennine Trail from Liverpool to Sheffield, we were keen to continue our adventure and cycle from Penistone to Hull. Having cycled the spur from Penistone back home to Sheffield on our last trip, we took the train to Penistone to begin where we …

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Eight ways to enjoy UK family train travel

Train travel can sometimes feel daunting, especially with a family. It’s often easier just to pile in the car. However, there are many benefits, beside the obvious environmental pluses, to family train travel. Here are some tips to make your trip run more smoothly. 1) Book in advance For some journeys, especially long-distance ones, you …

Rainbow at Lauwersoog, NL. There's some hope for a better environment in the future if we make family life more eco.
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10 easy ways to make family life more eco-friendly

Our aim is to celebrate how much joy we can bring in to our home through making family life more eco-friendly, rather than getting gloomy about being the mere drop in the ocean. We choose to recycle, but how much of our recycling actually gets reused? Or we choose local products, but they come wrapped …

On Kinder Scout after walking up from Edale. A fabulous no-car camping spot.
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No-car family camping: Edale in the Peak District

Edale, in the beautiful Peak District, is our go-to no-car family camping spot in the UK. It is accessible by train and there are two campsites 5–10 minutes on foot from the train station. Whether you’re using bicycles or carrying backpacks and possibly a pull-along suitcase (or two), it’s extremely easy to reach. Getting to …